Making your ex fall madly in love with you again can be done (even though you think it's impossible now).

Studies show that a vast number of relationships that fall apart can be salvaged, but desperation and emotions often get in the way of rational thought.

Hence, that's why you sometimes may say things that you don't mean while you're all riled up, hence hurting your chances of making him or her fall back in love with you. But even before you attempt to make your ex fall back in love with you, you're going to have to learn how to turn your ex on in a sexual manner -- this will help expedite the process of making your ex fall back in love with you.

Make your ex fall back in love with youSee, love and attraction go hand in hand. Once you ex breaks up with you, the attraction and love is essentially gone. And once you experience that feeling of loss, people tend to get emotional and irrational.

My guess is that you've tried to get your ex to fall back in love with you by trying to persuade him or her (with words or other things). The fact of the matter is, if you try to get your ex to fall in love with you, you'll end up doing the exact opposite; you'll be actually pushing your ex further away from you. So before doing that, you need to read my article on how to stay away from your ex and how to take your mind off your ex.

I know it doesn't make any sense, but it's true.

If you want your ex to fall back in love with you, you have the feign that you've moved on. You have to not contact your ex for awhile, and if you've been reading my blog, you'll know exactly why you should be doing this.

Once you've made it clear to your ex that you've moved on, then it's time to contact your ex (but just as friends). Keep your relationship platonic and light, and then drop the bomb and start making your ex attracted to you again by flirting. Refer to this article to know what I'm talking about...

To make your ex fall back in love with you, you have to have sex with your ex after you've been hanging out for a period of one week. If you're a guy and the opportunity arises, then the sooner you have sex with your ex girlfriend, the better.

Sex is the backbone of love (in this case, it is ultimately important if you want to rouse an old love).

But there's really no secret to make your ex fall in love with you. You need to flirt a lot and see how he or she reacts. If he or she is receptive to this, then you have to up the intimacy level.

Start holding hands. Start hugging after every meeting. Start making eye contact with each other for longer periods of time.

Secondly, you need to start going out on dates with your ex. So after the initial few coffee shop meetings, you have to start planning more extravagant dates. Go here to find out some great first date ideas. Start being adventurous and do some new things. Most importantly, start being happy -- once you're happy, your ex will naturally follow suit.

Next, remember not to push the relationship forward. Don't have the "serious talk" about your guys' relationship. Let it naturally come up in conversation. Don't ever beg, plead, or do anything desperate to try and get your ex to fall back in love with you. If you follow this guide properly, you shouldn't ever have to ask. It should just naturally and organically fall into place.

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