So you've built some basic rapport with your ex through simple text messaging and they're being receptive to some of your responses. Now what you have to do is make your ex agree to meet you.

Have coffee with your exBut you can't just ask them out on a date or anything like that. Remember, you two are broken up! There is no more dating anymore. You need to pose as if you're not actually going to chase your ex... you just want a friendly meet up!

And that's the secret sauce to getting them to agree to hang out with you again... you need to pose as if you just want to be friends. Purely platonic. Nothing sexual at all.

So you need to be stealthy about this -- you need to set up a date so you can seduce them in real life. The easiest way to do this is to just ask them about something they know a lot about. Were they into interior design? Say that you're redecorating your mom's basement and that you need their advice, then ask them out for a coffee to talk about interior design.

Remember, you always want to have a reason as to why you're asking them out for coffee. You can't just ask them out for coffee for old time's sake -- this will sound the alarm bells in their head. No, you must appear that you only want a platonic relationship.

Here's another example:

"So I'm planning a trip to Europe with one of my girlfriends. Could we get together and you can tell me about which places to visit in Amsterdam? I'd appreciate it!"

See the trend here? You need to let him or her know that there's a piece of knowledge that you want from him or her.

Read my article on how to message your ex if you want more examples. Once you set up the date, make it known to them that you only have about an hour to hang out (or less). This gives them a very good reason to not ditch out -- if they're only going to be there for an hour, then obviously there can't be any harm done, right?

Here's a final example (and this one works extremely well for most of our readers):

"Hey Brittany, I just wanted to let you know that there's a sale on organic soap and Soapworks this weekend. Thought you'd love to know! I'll be there around 2 PM, you should come with."

Now this one is great -- this example assumes that Brittany loves organic soap (and that you love it too). This is a great excuse to get together!

Now, here are some rules to follow once you meet up with your ex.

Have a good time with your ex1.) Be friendly! Don't bring up your past relationship. Don't bring up anything negative at all. This will sour the mood and things will be oer.

2.) Don't say that you love them or miss them. I don't have to explain why. This should be obvious by now.

3.) Keep your meeting brief. It should be longer than an hour.

4.) Talk about what you intended to talk about. If you invited your ex to talk about that trip to Europe, then talk about that. Don't try and fool your ex -- he or she will already be on high alert, so even the slightest hint of something "sinister" won't fly here.

5.) That being said, you have to flirt. Don't be afraid to touch him or her. Be a bit sensual at times. Joke about the times you guys had sex.

6.) Be the one that ends the interaction. You've got to be the one that says, "I have to go now." And make sure you end it on a high note (like right after a really funny joke). This will leave your ex wanting more!

So there you have it... once this happens all according to plan (and it will), then you should be setting up another meet in no time.

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