If you want to make your ex miss you through simple messages, then you have to read this article very carefully.

Making your ex miss you is something that can be difficult, especially through simple messages. What you need to do is invoke some imagination and thought into your messages to induce passion and love. I know, right...

So at this point, I'm assuming that you've been following all my advice up until this point. You've been keeping your mind off your ex for about 30 days, you've been eating well, exercising, and picking up new hobbies. You've even been dating other people.

After the 30 day period, you've sent them a few ice breakers to get the conversation going as I've said in my last article. But now, you really want to get the conversation going, and ultimately, you want to set up a date!

How to text message your exFirst thing's first, before you send another text message to your ex boyfriend and ex girlfriend, you've got to make it seem like the reason you're messaging them is because you want to be friends with them, nothing more. If your ex gets the sense that this isn't the case, then he or she will be gone faster than you can say The Ex Back Guru!

So what you need to do is invoke the thought of a happy moment in your relationship.

Think back for a moment to a time when you and your ex were at your happiest. Was it a trip to Palm Springs? Was it a trip to Europe? Maybe that time you had a picnic on the edge of that mountain?

Something that was really fun and exciting for both you. Now you need to subtly bring that moment up to your ex. Don't make it obvious that you're trying to invoke these feelings, of course. Here's a quick example of what I'm talking about...

"Remember that time we had that picnic on that mountain? I just saw a postcard of the exact same location!"

Or something like...

"That game last night reminded me of the hockey game we went to last February. That was so much fun!"

By saying something as simple as that, you will get your ex to think about a lot of things -- how you looked that day, how you smelled, how you felt.. and ultimately, they'll remember the feelings that he or she had towards you. By pushing the clock back and reminding your ex why they were attracted to you, you'll be much more effective with your efforts to set up a date with them in the future.

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