So you want to learn how to turn your ex on (and subsequently, make them attracted to you).

This is the essence of getting your ex back. Chances are, the reasons why your ex left you is because the attraction and spark have disappeared. The reasons for this can be quite varied depending on how your relationship ended. Chances are, if you're a guy, you were acting too weak -- either you were letting her walk all over you or were too clingy. If you're a woman, chances are the reasons he left you maybe be more complicated.

Use Facebook to get your ex backIn this article, however, I will be sharing you secrets on how to turn on your ex (and make them fall back in love with you) -- and in fact, the secrets I'm about to tell you are some seduction and attraction secrets that most people will never know about... and I'm unveiling them to you!

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I'm also writing this article assuming you've been in contact with your ex again, and that he or she has already agreed to meet with you... because, let's be honest, you can't seduce your ex through text message at this point.

In person, you can really turn up the flirt level to 10.

So here are some tips when you finally meet your ex...

1.) Make sure you look your best (this is obvious, but I have to say it).

2.) Smile -- smiling is one of those subconscious body languages cues that just naturally happens. But smiling is also a sexual cue as well.

3.) Touch - remember that touching is one of the most intimate gestures two people can have. And it doesn't always have to be touching in a sexual manner. Touching is done between platonic friends (take high fives for example). We as humans evolutionized to value touch in ways other species do not... so take advantage of this psychological trick!

Use Facebook to get your ex back4.) Look into each others' eyes - don't avoid eye contact. You should be talking and staring directly into a person's eyes when you're talking to them. You can't seduce someone with looking at them.

5.) Speak in a calming voice - you'll notice something similar about seductive people. They don't talk their faces off... they deliberately and slowly speak. When you see seductive scenes on TV, for example, do you notice one person chitter chattering like a mad man? No! You see a girl whispering seductively in a man's ear, or you see a handsome guy speaking sensually and quietly to a girl.

6.) Pay attention to you who you're talking to - You're not there to talk to another person at the coffee shop. You're not there for anybody else. If you ask someone to go to coffee with you, the only person you're going to talk to is him or her.

So there you have it... 6 things you can do right now to become much more attractive and seductive to your ex partner. In fact, these tips will work on anyone, not just your ex. This is great life advice!

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