Why you should stay away from your exDo you know why you should stay away from your ex?

If you've been reading my articles to date, you probably have a pretty good idea why you should be doing this. First of all, by not contacting your ex, you're taking the first step to move on.Regardless of whether you want your ex back or not, you must at all cost not contact your ex.

Why? Right now, you're probably not thinking 100% rationally. Your emotions are high. And when your emotions are running wild, you will do and say things that you don't really mean... and this kills your chances of getting your ex back.

Another reason why you should stay away from your ex is because you need for him or her to reset their emotions for you. This is critical. Your ex broke up with you for a very valid reason -- the attraction is gone. You can't simply flick a switch and make him or her attracted to you again. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. What you need to do is reverse the roles so that instead of you chasing your ex, your ex chase you!

Not talking to your ex (and this includes sending them text messages and e-mails) sends him or her a subtle hint that you don't need them... and by showing them this, it's like saying to them "it was nice to be with you, but I don't need you to be happy!"

Once you begin sending your ex these subtle messages that you're completely over them, only then will he or she re-evaluate their decision to break up with you. And only then will he or she even consider getting back together with you.

Another reason why you should stay away from your ex is so that you have time to recuperate yourself. As I said in article number one, you need to get over your ex and take your mind off him or her. You can do this with a number of distraction exercises outlined in article number 2.

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