Woman taking her mind off her exForgetting about someone is difficult, especially if you care about them so much. I know how that feels, don't get me wrong. And as difficult as it is to forget about your ex, it's an important and often overlooked first step.

Right now, you probably can't keep your mind off your ex. You probably think about texting them, calling them, and messaging them. As much as you want to do this, you must remember that you have to refrain from doing so. Why? Because your ex already knows that you want him or her.

Remember, human beings want what they can't have. It's no secret. This is a psychological trait that has existed since the beginning of time. Humans strive to be better and obtain things that they can't obtain. It's this challenge that causes to take action. Right now, you are not a challenge to your ex. In fact, if your ex really wanted you back, they'd have you, right? And I'm betting that the fact that you can't have your ex right now is driving you crazy and making you want them even more.

Think about it like this... you're shopping for a new cell phone. You see two different cell phones at the store... one is priced at $99, and the other one priced at $499. Your budget for a cell phone is $300. The $99 serves all the basic functions that a phone should have -- you can call, text from it, etc. and that's all you really need. However, you want the more expensive one even though from a practical perspective, it doesn't give you that much more functionality. Right now, you are the $99 cell phone to your ex, and your ex is the $499 cell phone. You want your ex back badly because he or she is so much more unobtainable.

So clearly, what you need to do is switch roles. You need to become the more expensive cell phone and he or she needs to become the cheaper one.

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